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Chemical ecology is the study organisms interacting through chemical means.  Information about the environment can be perceived through olfaction in most insects. These message bearing volatile signals pitch_tubeare known as semiochemicals.  There are various distinctions within semiochemicals like pheromones, kairomones, and allomones. Semiochemicals can be used to manipulate behaviour both of pests and beneficial insects. Semiochmical cartoon1

Pheromones are the basis for volatile communication within the same species.  Insects recognize the odour bouquet of their potential hosts via chemicals known as kairomones and non-hosts by allomones.  Predatory insects recognize their prey kairomones and sometimes these are the pheromones themselves for the prey. So its easily possible there are multiple designations of a single semiochemical, depending upon the perspective. Herbivores damage their host plants and the volatile emission from the plant changes from being health to being stressed or damaged. These changes in the kairomone signal are known as herbivore induced plant volatiles ( HIPV).  Nature is often conservative and many of the same volatile chemical signals are active in widely differing species.

Synergy staff have had decades of experience in synthesis, formulation and practical applications of semiochemicals. We have state of the art high speed manufacturing capabilities and several release deavocadovice technologies with which to tailor a custom controlled release solution for almost any semiochemical application.  Add to that dedicated staff and the result is a device whose quality you can count on.

Our library of hundreds of different semiochemicals is extensive and we have several innovative trap designs available.  Whether you are trying to attract beneficial insects for biocontrol purposes, survey for biodiversity, trap pest insects or protect trees or crops, semiochemicals are the perfect match for integrated ecosystem and agrosystem  management.  Semiochemicals are nature’s own green management tools provided by understanding basic chemical ecology.

We want to hear from you.  Please tell us about your semiochemical application. We can save you the headaches of trying to build your own reliable release devices and or traps. Let our extensive knowledge of semiochemicals work for you.

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