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Welcome to Synergy Semiochemicals

Synergy Semiochemicals specializes in tree protection and pest management through the use of semiochemical compounds. 

Our products consist of pheromone attractants (lures and tree baits), anti-aggregation pheromones (Verbenone and MCH) and traps.  We provide expert technical support for our products and our many customers include USDA Forest Service, USDA APHIS, Canadian Forest Service, Canadian Food Inspection Agency and many others.

Our anti-aggregation products are effective, easy to use and affordable for home and land owners. 


Our innovation and your feedback

All of the products we sell at Synergy are the products of research.  In the case of tree protection products Verbenone and  MCH the research behind these products was
extensive. It has taken 10-20 years of experimentation before these products could be proven reliable, approved by regulatory agencies like EPA and PMRA and widely available.

Being active in research and product development, and  listening to our customers, has given us the best products currently available. For example, the bi-color MCH bubble is a direct response  to customer feedback.  This allows the customer to place the bubble so that it is visible, or so that it blends in with the tree.  The reinforcing strip on the  Verbenone pouch was also developed by us to assist with proper application and improved lure durability.

Our modifications and improvements to MultiFunnel trap came about because of customer complaints about the original funnel trap, which had been in use unchanged for over 30 years.

We know that forestry products are not static:  They are products of constant refinement and these refinements make us not just a product vendor, rather a company responsive to your needs.

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Anti-aggregation pheromones. Verbenone and MCH


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